Carroll County Department of Community Development

Carroll County Planning Commission

Historic Courthouse, Old Superior Courtroom

323 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA


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C-21-07-01 Charles Cornell Conditional Use for Wine Tasting Room/Event Center

C-21-07-01:  Conditional Use for a Tasting Room/Event Center, located at 83 Hominy Creek Road, Carrollton.  Parcel #152-0077, Land Lot 28 of the 6th District, consisting of approximately 10 acres.  Owner/Applicant:  Charles Cornell.  Commission District 3.


Z-21-07-01 William and Mary Berry Rezone Ag to Residential, Bear Creek Road

Z-21-07-01:  Rezoning from R1 Residential to Agricultural for the purpose of splitting and combining with other agriculturally zoned properties, located on Bear Creek Road.  Parcel #073-0091, Land Lot 218 of the 10th District, consisting of approximately five acres.  Owner/Applicant:  William Joe Berry, Jr., and Mary Catherine Berry.  Commission District 6.


Z-21-07-02 Ali Akber Rezone Ag to Commercial, 2991 Shady Grove Road

Z-21-07-02:  Rezoning from Agricultural to Commercial for the purpose of a neighborhood grocery and gas station, located at 2991 Shady Grove Road.  Parcel #129-0090, Land Lot 248 of the 5th District, consisting of approximately 3.43 acres.  Owner:  Dorothy J. Green.  Applicant:  Ali Akber.  Commission District 3.


Z-21-07-03 Brian Preston Rezone Ag to Residential, Pleasant Hill at Harris Road

Z-21-07-03:  Rezoning from Agricultural to Residential for the purpose of four new residences, located on Pleasant Hill Road at Harris Road.  Parcel #131-0124, Land Lot 139 of the 5th District, consisting of approximately 5.6 acres.  Owner:  SCRJ Collaborators, LP.  Applicant:  Brian Preston.  Commission District 5.


Re-adoption of the Carroll County Official Zoning Map, which has been updated to reflect all changes previously approved by the Board of Commissioners”


Adoption and Transmittal of Amended Comprehensive Plan to Include Broadband Element

Carroll County has prepared an Amendment of its Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2018 to add provisions regarding Broadband Services.  A public hearing will be held to brief the community on the Amendment to the County’s Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2018 and to obtain feedback from the public on the Amendment. 


Proposed Amendments to Zoning Regulations of Carroll County regarding borrow pits

Notice is hereby given under O.C.G.A. § 36-66-1, et seq., by Carroll County, Georgia, of a public hearing of the Planning Commission to be held in the Commission Chambers located at the Carroll County Historic Court House, 323 Newnan Street, 3rd Floor, Carrollton, Georgia 30117, on July 27, 2021, at 6:30 p.m., for the purpose of considering proposed amendments to The Zoning Regulations of Carroll County, Georgia, as amended (“Zoning Regulations”).


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