Fire Permits

Fire Marshal’s Office Permit Types

  • Ceremonial Fireworks Display: All proximate audience and non-proximate audience fireworks display permits shall be permitted through the county probate court and the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • Consumer Fireworks Sales Stand: All fireworks stands/tents erected temporarily for the sale of consumer fireworks shall be inspected and permitted through the Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • Certificate of Occupancy: A change of business owner, change of business location, or a new business; all require a Certificate of Occupancy inspection and permit.
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy: A temporary certificate of occupancy can be permitted for restricted areas of a building during remodeling or building to allow for the use of those restricted areas.
  • Tents: Outdoor gathering tents must be inspected once erected and then will be issued a permit for their use.
  • Explosives / Blasting: An agreement of the rules and regulations must be signed by the operator and the Fire Marshal’s Office. Once the agreement is signed, a site inspection will be completed and then a permit will be issued. 
  • Mass Gathering: Carroll County Code of Ordinance Chapter 60 defines a mass gathering as any event likely to attract 250 or more people. Exempt from Chapter 60 mass gathering permitting are any regularly established permanent place of worship, athletic field, auditorium, coliseum, or other similar permanently established building within the maximum seating capacity. Requests for Mass Gatherings must be submitted 45 days prior to the first day of the event. A review of the request along with a site inspection will be conducted by the Fire Marshal’s Office and then a permit will be issued. The Fire Marshal’s Office may inspect a mass gathering during the mass gathering to ensure that the minimum standards for ensuring public fire safety and order as prescribed by state and local laws, rules, and orders are being maintained.
  • Mass Gathering w/ Portable Grandstands: Portable or temporary grandstands for a mass gathering event must be inspected by the Fire Marshal’s Office after they have been erected. Portable grandstands shall comply with NFPA 101 as adopted in the Georgia Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner Chapter 120-3-3.
  • Temporary Food Service Trucks/Trailers: A fire inspection from the Fire Marshal’s Office will be conducted as part of the business license for a temporary food service truck. Once an inspection is completed then a permit will be issued.

To request a permit click the link below and complete the request form.

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