Fire Training Division


Division Chief Brandy Waters heads the Training Division and is responsible for all department training, record keeping, developing and implementing training that will challenge and shape firefighter recruits, as well as seasoned firefighters, while keeping the foundation of what makes Carroll County Fire Rescue the family and community-oriented department it has become. Division Chief Waters is assisted in the Training Division by Captain Tyler Thomas. Captain Thomas is primarily responsible for all recruitment training within the department. The Training Division offers training and certification in numerous disciplines including Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Hazmat, Officer, Driver, and Technical Rescue. Carroll County Fire Rescue shares a Training Facility with Carrollton Fire Department that is centrally located in the county. 

The joint training facility consists of the following props and structures:

  • Two-story burn building
    • Interior Stairway
    • Exterior Stairway
    • Three locations for Burn Sets (Two Above, One Below, and At Grade)
  • Five-story drill tower
    • First Floor
      • Training Storage 
    • Second and Third Floor
      • Victim Search with Bedroom/Living Area mock ups
    • Fourth Floor Training Props
      • Denver Drill
      • Floor Collapse
      • Restricted Passage
      • Bail Outs
      • Entanglement
    • Fifth Floor
      • High Angle/Ladder Rescues
  • Pressurized Container Prop
  • Car Fire Prop
  • Dumpster Fire Prop
  • Flammable & Combustible Liquids Prop
  • Underground Confine Space Prop
  • Vertical Roof Simulator Props
  • Forcible Entry Props
  • SCBA Confidence Maze Prop
  • Classroom
    1. Seating for 30-40
    2. Kitchen Area
    3. Restrooms with showers

Carroll County Fire Rescue also has a mobile training prop that can be used at the training facility or taken to the fire stations for in the field training.

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    Brandy Waters

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    Fire Training



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    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday

    7am to 4pm


    Phone: 770-830-5880

     Mailing Address

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    If an emergency

    dial 911.