Fire Rescue FAQ's

What is my ISO Rating?

Email to inquire with ISO in the the subject line. Generally - if more than five miles away from a fire station, your ISO will be 10. If within 5 miles and more than 1000 feet of a fire hydrant, then your ISO will be 9. If within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant, your ISO will be 5 in the unincorporated areas and would be a 4 in the incorporated areas. Within the City of Carrollton, the ISO will be 2.

How do I get a burn permit?

The State of Georgia no longer issues burn permits for the outdoor burning of hand piled natural vegetation/yard debris. Residents wishing to burn hand piled natural vegetation may do so without a burn permit from October 1st - April 30th. A summer outdoor burn ban from May 1st - September 30th restricts outdoor burning. It is unlawful to burn man-made material such as household garbage, lumber or plastic. For more information on outdoor burning please visit the Georgia Forestry Commission website at

Why when I called for an ambulance did a fire truck show up?

All of our firefighters are trained in emergency medical care and the fire trucks carry life saving first aid equipment. Often a fire truck can arrive to your location before an ambulance can. By sending a fire truck we can begin caring for your medical needs until the ambulance arrives.

How can I tour a fire station or have a fire truck come to my event?

Request for fire department appearances should be scheduled through our headquarters. Citizens are always welcome to visit our fire stations. However, it is strongly suggested to arrange tours in advance since firefighting crews may have already been scheduled for other activities.

How do I schedule a fire inspection?

Inspections should be scheduled through the Carroll County Fire Marshal by calling headquarters at 770-830-5880 during normal business hours.

How do I get a fire report?

Fire reports may be obtained by contacting headquarters at 770-830-5880  during normal business hours (Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

I would like to volunteer with the fire department. What should I do?

Carroll County has a very active volunteer program. Please contact headquarters for additional information about opportunities and requirements for volunteering with us.