Sample Ballots

The sample ballot is for informational use only and will be available approximately three weeks before the election.  You can mark portions of the sample ballot to use as a guide when you vote.  *Remember you must be registered to vote by the voter registration deadline in order to vote in any election. 
To confirm your voter registration, find your precinct location, or to view your exact sample ballot, visit Georgia MVP.

Sample Ballots

Click here for the November 08, 2022 Sample Ballot

For your specific Sample Ballot, visit MY VOTER PAGE.

You will be able to view your Ballot, print a Precinct card and request an Absentee Ballot

Composite Sample Ballots show ALL races available, however, some races run by district and may not be on your actual ballot.  To determine the districts in which you are eligible to vote, refer to your latest precinct card or you may contact the elections office at 770-830-5823.