Provisional Ballot Status

To check your provisional vote status, look at the PIN number you were given on your Provisional Ballot Receipt.  Your ballot status is in the corresponding line.  Provisional ballot status will be posted as soon as practicable and no later than 5 days after the Friday proceeding the election date. 
PRECINCT PIN CODE REASON CODE Did the ballot count? Yes or No Rejected Reason
Temple City 729 OP No Registered In Douglas County. DDS/MVC search =No
  730 OP No Changed address at DDS on 10/26/2017 after Oct 10 Voter Registration Deadline. No other records of address change received by deadline.
  731 PR No NOACT2GE
  739 OP No DDS/MVC Search = Yes, but on 10/17/2017 after Oct 10 Voter Registration Deadline.
  732 OP No Registered in County not City.  Tax parcel 122-0120
VR CITY 717 OP No DDS/MVC Search = No


Provisional Ballot Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about Provisional Ballot Voting.  If you require further information not addressed here, please contact the Elections Office at 770-830-5823.