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Benefits of Court Mediation
Mediation is an opportunity for parties and attorneys to meet privately to discuss issues of the case, and parties are empowered to have some input in the outcome of their case with the mediator drawing up an outline for settlement in the session. After signing with attorneys present, an agreement is binding.

The merits of mediation are the privacy and confidentiality and the opportunity to discuss needs and interest in the outcome of their case rather than let a judge or jury make the decisions.

Carroll County is fortunate to have these services provided for the citizens of Carroll County as method to resolve disputes.

Areas of Service
Mediation is used in all courts in Carroll County and most courts in Coweta Judicial Circuit. The Carroll County Mediation Center serves the:
  • Juvenile Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • Probate Court
  • State Court
  • Superior Court
Statewide Mediation Implementation
In 1990, the Georgia Supreme Court established its commission of a statewide, comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in keeping with the Georgia Constitution’s mandate that the judicial branch provide “speedy, efficient, and inexpensive resolution of disputes and prosecutions.”

Mediation Training

The mediators are trained neutrals registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and some may be attorney/mediators.

Court Process
Mediation is used in most courts in Georgia. There are some cases that are best settled in the mediation atmosphere. Parties are not required to settle in mediation. If the case is not resolved in mediation, it proceeds through the regular court process. Mediators cannot be subpoenaed or testify to any details of a case.

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  1. Rita D. Carroll

    Program Director

    Superior, State, Probate, and Juvenile Court Mediation


    Phone: 770-830-5993

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    Carroll County ADR Program

    311 Newnan Street

    3rd Floor Mediation Suite

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    Brenda Knott

    Magistrate Court Mediation Coordinator


    Phone: 770-830-5874 (ask for Brenda)
     Phone: 770-830-5983 (direct)
     Fax:  770-830-5851

    Carroll County Magistrate Court Mediation

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    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 338
    Carrollton, GA 30112


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