Plan Components

The Carroll County Comprehensive Plan (2008-2028) is a living document that serves to guide the county's future growth. The plan was officially adopted by the Carroll County Board of Commissioners in September 2008. The Comprehensive Plan contains the following components.

Community Assessment

  • A list of potential issues and opportunities communities may wish to address
  • Analysis of existing development patterns including map of recommended character areas
  • Evaluation of current community policies, activities, and development patterns for consistency with Quality Community Objectives
  • Analysis of data and information to check validity of above evaluations and potential issues and opportunities. The assessment is used to guide Community Agenda portion of the plan
Community Participation Plan
This part of the plan describes strategy for ensuring adequate public and stakeholder involvement in preparation for Community Agenda portion of plan.

Community Agenda
Community's vision for the future as well as strategy for achieving it. Relies heavily on input from stakeholders and general public. This includes:
  • Community vision for future physical development of Carroll County, expressed in form of a map indicating unique character areas, each with its own strategy for guiding future development patterns
  • List of issues and opportunities identified by the community for further action
  • Implementing a program for achieving community's vision for the future and addressing identified issues and opportunities.
Character Areas
Defined by DCA as a specific geographic area within the community that:
  • Has unique or special characteristics to be preserved or enhanced
  • Has potential to evolve into unique area with more intentional guidance of future development through adequate planning and implementation
  • Requires special attention due to unique development issues
Character areas can include, but are not limited to, historical sites, environmentally sensitive areas, growth tiers, scenic corridors, and gateways.