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             COVID-19 Response at Carroll County Animal Services

Our main focus at this point is on reducing the overall number of animals housed at the shelter.  The most likely impact is that intake of pets will increase while adoptions will slow, which is a predictable pattern whenever people feel uncertain. Because CCAS operates at or near capacity, reducing intake and maintaining outcomes is essential to overcrowding at the shelter.

                  What we are working on now, and how you can help:

  1. Fosters:  We are always in need of fosters for our medical and neonatal pets, but we are also in need of large dog fosters.  If you are interested in fostering, come by the shelter and we can go over fostering with you.
  2. Reducing non-urgent intake: About 30% of the pets who enter CCAS are owner surrenders.  We are asking owners who are not facing an immediate crisis to hold their pets for up to four weeks and, if they are able, to surrender at a later date. In the meantime, work on other avenues to re-home your pet.  If there is some assistance we can provide to help you keep your pet let us know, we will help if we can.
  3. We are asking finders of strays to foster:  If you find a stray, if you are able to foster that pet temporarily, while trying to find the owner, that would help us keep us under capacity.  If you find a stray cat or kittens, don’t "kitnap" them.  If they look healthy, they belong in the area and someone is caring for them, and litters of kittens are not far from mom. For more information, give us a call, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  4. We are offering all adoptable animals as "name your price" adoption fees until further notice.
  5. We have worked with our transport partners to transport over 100 animals to Northern shelters in February and March alone.
  6. Shelter preparedness:  We are reviewing our continuity of operations plan in case we experience any operational disruptions.  We are fortunate that controlling disease transmission is familiar to our staff and our diligence in caring for ourselves by using good hygiene will also help our pets. There is currently no concern that animals can contract or transmit this illness. However, there is a possibility the live virus could live on the fur of a pet, just like it can on any object.  This makes it important to wash your hands between animals and to frequently clean the surfaces in the shelter, especially public areas.

                                  The Importance of Community

It is more important now than ever that we come together to support the pets and people in our community and it is in times like these that we see the greatest acts of compassion and kindness.  Thank you for fostering, volunteering, or making gifts to sustain our life-saving work.

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Mission Statement

We, the Carroll County Animal Shelter, believe in the dignity and sanctity of animal life. We believe that companion animals are a product of human intervention and that we have an obligation to them in regard to humane treatment and responsible stewardship. We will alleviate suffering, prevent cruelty, and will treat every animal as kindly as possible. We have a duty to protect and care for suffering and homeless animals. Our values, decisions, conduct and behavior should set the tone and be a model for others, in their care and treatment of all animals.

Our mission is to be honest, respectful, and responsible, to be fair and just, caring and compassionate. We will strive to promote positive and collaborative relationships with other agencies, organizations, individuals and our community.

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