Animal Control

Animal Control Ordinances

Georgia's Responsible Dog Ownership Law  

Pet Owner Responsibilities

  • Have your pets spayed/neutered and vaccinated
  • Provide proper medical care and routine examinations for your pets
  • Maintain an adequate supply of food and water
  • Keep your pet under control by either leash, adequate tether, or by fence
  • Know and follow Carroll County and/or City Ordinances

Behavior & Care

  • Be considerate of your neighbors regarding your pet’s behavior
  • Enroll your pet in obedience training classes for behavior problems
  • Strive to keep your pets for the duration of their life

Lost Pets

Contact the Carroll County Animal Shelter at 770-214-3590 to inquire about your lost pet.

Mission Statement

To provide a comprehensive and effective Animal Control program for Carroll County and its municipalities in order to bring people into compliance with local animal control ordinances, minimize animal issues between neighbors, and to protect the health and safety of the public.

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