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V-21-05-01 Lalina Lawson 53 Hardy Road - Intrafamily Transfer

V-21-05-01:  Intra-Family Transfer Variance, zoned Agricultural, to split an approximately 2.86 acre tract from an existing 4.86 acre tract.  The property is located at 53 Hardy Road.  Parcel #160-0013, Land Lot 66 of the 5th District.  Owner/Applicant:  Billy Joe and Laura Walker.  Applicant:  Lalina Lawson.  Commission District 5.


V-21-05-02 Kathi Wilson 4280 Hutcheson Ferry Road - Intrafamily Transfer

V-21-05-02:   Intra-Family Transfer Variance, zoned Agricultural, to reconfigure two parcels in order to allow a one acre lot with a mobile home for the applicant’s daughter.  The property is located at 4280 Hutcheson Ferry Road.  Parcel #206-0199 and 206-0198.  Land Lot 98 of the 3rd District.  Owner/Applicant:  Kathi Wilson.  Commission District 5.


V-21-05-03 CJC Builders 591 Wayside Road - Lot size variance

V-21-05-03:  Variance to allow a single family home to be built on Agriculturally zoned property which totals 0.87 acres.  The property is located at 591 Wayside Road.  Parcel #156-0058, Land Lot 106 of the 5th District.  Owner:  Garland Capps.  Applicant:  CJC Builders, LLC.  Commission District 5.


V-21-05-04 John Robinson 832 Cown Road - Intrafamily Transfer

V-21-05-04:  Intrafamily Transfer Variance, zoned Agriculture, to separate residential home and pasture land.  The property consists of 18.92 acres and is located at 832 Cown Road.  Parcel #146-0007, Land Lot 218 of the 6th District.  Owner:  James D. Carter.  Applicant:  John M. Robinson.  Commission District 3.


V-21-05-05 Raymon L Brazil Sandy Flat @ Hosey Road - Intrafamily Transfer

V-21-05-05:  Intrafamily Transfer Variance, zoned Agricultural, to separate approximately 1.5 acres for the applicant’s family to build a home.  The property consists of approximately 10 acres and is located at Sandy Flat Road at Hosey Road.  Parcel #008-0011, Land Lot 164 of the 9th District.  Owner: Michael L and Peggy Alewine Hammond.  Applicant:  Raymond Brazil.  Commission District 6.


V-21-05-06 Kenneth Brown 2251 Burwell Road - Intrafamily Transfer

V-21-05-06:  Intrafamily Transfer Variance, zoned Agricultural, to split a 2.1 acre parcel into two tracts for family.  The property is located at 2251 Burwell Road, parcel #042-0002, Land Lot 114 of the 10th District.  Owner:  Kenneth Brown.  Applicant:  Reba Brown.  Commission District 6.


V-21-05-07 Harold Keith Pollard 1832 Burwell Mt Zion Road - House size variance

V-21-05-07:  Variance for House Size, zoned Agricultural.  The property consists of 3.75 acres and is located at 1832 Burwell Mt. Zion Road.  Parcel #057-0117, Land Lot 181 of the 10th District.  Owner/Applicant:  Harold Keith Pollard.  Commission District 6.


V-21-05-08 Verizon Wireless 3277 E Hwy 5 - Cell Tower Height Variance

V-21-05-08:  Height variance for cell tower on property located at 3277 E. Highway 5, Parcel #140-0073 and 140-0152, Land Lot 101 of the 4th District.  Owner:  John and Nan Stephens.  Applicant:  Verizon Wireless.  Commission District 5.