Carroll County Department of Community Development

Carroll County Planning Commission

Historic Courthouse, Old Superior Courtroom

323 Newnan Street, Carrollton, GA


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C-21-01-01: Conditional use for Cell Tower, 1103 Highway 113 North-Diamond Communications

C-21-01-01:  Conditional Use for a Wireless Telecommunications Facility (Cell Tower) at 1103 N. Highway 113, Carrollton.  Parcel #107-0125 and #107-0509, Land Lots 243 and 245 of the 5th District, consisting of 28.83 acres, zoned Agricultural.  Owner:  Catalyst Church of Carrollton, Inc.  Applicant:  Jonathan L. Yates for Diamond Communications.  Commission District 3.


C-21-01-02: Conditional Use for Secondary Residence, 2650 Oak Grove Church Road-Jonathan Keel

C-21-01-02:  Conditional Use for a Secondary Detached Residence at 2650 Oak Grove Church Road, Carrollton.  Parcel #091-0331, Land Lot 2 of the 10th District, consisting of 6.75 acres, zoned Agricultural.  Owner/Applicant:  Jonathan Keel.  Commission District 4.


C-21-01-03: Conditional Use for Secondary Residence, 667 E. Highway 5-Jacob Warren

C-21-01-03:  Conditional Use for a Secondary Detached Residence at 667 E. Highway 5, Roopville.  Parcel #095-0035, Land Lot 57 of the 11th District, consisting of 4 acres, zoned Agricultural.  Owner:  Jacob Warren.  Applicant:  Jean Staneck.  Commission District 5.


Z-21-01-01: Rezoning from HDDR to Agricultural, 1024 Highway 27 S.-David M. Wilson

Z-21-01-01:  Rezoning from HDDR to Agricultural for the purpose of combining properties for property located at 1024 Highway 27 South, Roopville.  Parcel #084-0024, 084-0003, and 084-0004, consisting of 3.25 acres.  Owner/Applicant:  David M. Wilson.  Commission District 5,


Z-21-01-02: Rezoning from R2 to Agricultural, Kirby Bryan Road-Brian Eckman and David Sondergeld

Z-21-01-02:  Rezoning from R2 Residential to Agricultural for the purpose of combining properties for pasture.  Parcel #156-0072, Land Lot 107 of the 5th District, located on Kirby Bryan Road, Carrollton and consisting of 61.4 acres. Owners/Applicants:  Brian Eckman and David Sondergeld.  Commission District 5.


Z-21-01-03: Rezoning from Ag to Residential, 358 Gray Road-Hugh and Rika Cuff

Z-21-01-03:  Rezoning from Agricultural to Residential for purpose of obtaining a mortgage for property located at 358 Gray Road.  Parcel #112-0198, Land Lot 226 of the 5th District, consisting of 5.01 acres.  Owner/Applicant:  Hugh and Rika Cuff.  Commission District 4.


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