Foster Information

Why foster for Carroll County Animal Services?

The pictures scroll through on the right are the main reason.  These are all animals who are alive because someone opened their home to them.  Without fosters, all of these animals may not have made it.  We cannot handle all the animals who are in need of a couple of months of healing or growing, by ourselves, we need you, the community to help these babies grow and thrive Fostering really saves lives

What types of animals need foster?

Every animal in our shelter (except course cases and aggressive animals) are available for foster.  Our biggest need, though is medical, babies, and large dogs who need a little bit of training. Our goal is to get them out of the shelter and into foster as quickly as possible.  We would like to have more of our animals in foster than we have in the shelter.

What do I need to foster?

All that is needed is a willing and open heart.  We supply everything you will need.  The only thing that we may ask you to provide is food, as there are times we are low on food. But, medications, supplies for nursing babies, and crates are all provided.

How do I foster?

Go to JotForm and fill out our foster form and we will get in touch with you. 

To learn more about the foster experience, visit Maddie’s Fund Foster Flash Classes.  The are short, informative and will give you an idea about what is expected of a foster home. Maddie’s Foster Care Flash Classes

You can then look at the animals who need foster care on Trello. We are working on getting all of the animals who are "On Deck" for fosters on the site, so be patient with us. Trello