Early In Person Voting

General Early Voting Information

Any registered voter who is eligible to vote in a Carroll County election may vote early in person 21 days before an election.  At the early voting office, voters are required to fill out an application and provide one of the permitted forms of Photo ID.  You will then be issued a ballot that you must cast while you are at the office.  If you choose to vote early you cannot cast another ballot at your precinct on Election Day.  The last day to vote early is the Friday before Election Day.

2017 Early Voting Schedule for Nov 7 Muni General

Dates Times Location
October 16 through Nov 3, 2017 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday Carroll County Elections Office Lobby 423 College Street, Carrolton, GA 30117


Daily Early Voting Statistics

  posted here when available


Absentee by Mail and Early In Person File- The Absentee/Early In Person Voter file with current and historical data will be posted to the Georgia Secretary of State website and is available for free download.  A County Number List PDF is available on screen.