Open Records Request

Open Records Request

The Georgia Open Records Act provides that citizens are allowed to inspect and receive copies of records maintained by public office or agency. As a local government, the records of Carroll County are public records. The County Clerk’s office is responsible for ensuring compliance with public records request for records of the Board of Commissioners. Please contact us at 770-830-5800 if you need assistance with the request process.

Records of Other Elected Officials

The records of the elected officials other than the Board of Commissioners are maintained by that elected official’s office. These records cannot be obtained through the County Clerk's office. A list of commonly requested records from each elected officials office is below, you will be directed to the office’s website:

  • Clerk of Court (Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts): Divorce cases, real estate documents, name changes, civil cases, tax liens, warrants, indictments, accusations, traffic citations, and sentences on felony and misdemeanor cases
  • E-911:  call records
  • Magistrate Court Judge: Civil cases, arrest and search warrants, county ordinance violations
  • Probate Court Judge: Probate documents, marriage licenses,
  • Sheriff: Incident and accident reports
  • Tax Commissioner: Real and personal property taxes

Online Records

Many of Carroll County’s records are available online. Documents include meeting agendas, meeting minutes, resolutions, and ordinances.

How to Request Records

Public records requests can be directed to the county division that maintains the records or to the County Clerk’s office. Please provide the following information when making a public records request:

  • Requestor’s name and contact information (mailing address, phone, fax, email).
  • A description of the records with as much specific detail as possible. Information that will help identify the records includes dates, subjects, types of record, author, etc.
  • Preferred method to receive records (pick up, mail, fax, email).

The Open Records Act Request Form (PDF) is available for your use but is not required. You may choose to write a letter or call to request the records.

Submitting an Open Records Request

For your convenience, there are multiple ways to submit your request.

  • Phone: 770-830-5800
  • Fax: 770-830-5992
  • Mail:
    P.O. Box 338
    Carrollton, GA 30112-0338
  • Drop Off:
    Historic Court House
    323 Newnan Street
    Room 200
    Carrollton, GA 30117
  • Email

If you know the specific division that maintains the records, you may contact them directly for the records.

Exemptions to the Georgia Open Records Act

The Georgia Open Records Act exempts certain records from public access. If the records you request are exempt, you will be provided information in writing that details why the records will not be provided. If portions of the records you request are exempt, the exempt information will be redacted (indicated by a blacked out area) from the document.

Cost for Records

You may be charged for staff time and copying costs for your request. The first fifteen minutes of time and 20 pages of copies are free. After that, copies will cost $0.10 per page. Please notify us if you would like a written estimate of any charges you may incur.


Please contact the County Clerk’s office at 770-830-5800 if you have any questions about the open records request process. We will be happy to assist you.

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