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  3. Cotton Mill Farmers Market

    Cotton Mill Farmers Market, Inc. was started in 2002 to reconnect our farmers to residents, and preserve our agricultural heritage. Our non-profit market is run by a volunteer board made up of local vendors. Our mission is: "To foster land stewardship, good health, and community interaction by creating an outlet for local small farmers and vendors to market locally produced products directly to the consumer. The Market will provide a foundation for building partnerships among farmers, agriculturists, consumers, and the business community."

  4. Get Healthy West Georgia

    Georgia’s obesity and diabetes rates have increased dramatically in recent years, but west Georgians have the opportunity to turn those statistics and their lives around. Get Healthy West Georgia provides the information, free tools and support our community needs to get healthy, feel better and live longer.

  5. History

    Carroll County was organized in 1826 from lands acquired by a treaty signed with the Cherokee and Creek Indian Nations. Learn more about Carroll County's history.

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