Minor Guardianships

  1. Conservatorship of Minor

    A conservatorship of a minor is required in order for any person to receive, on the minor's behalf, money or property valued at $15,000 or more.

  2. Permanent Guardianships

    Permanent guardianships of minor children are not authorized unless both parents are deceased or the parental rights of any living parent have been terminated by a court.

  3. Standby Guardianships

    The Standby Guardianship Act allows custodial parents to sign a document designating a standby guardian for their child or children in the event the parent(s) become incapacitated.

  4. Temporary Guardianships

    Sometimes parents are temporarily unable to care for their minor children and must place them with a friend or relative who can care for the children until the custodial parent(s) can do so again.