Probate Court

Duties & Responsibilities
The Probate Court exercises jurisdiction over:
  • Wills & Inheritances: Administration of estates of deceased persons
  • Guardianships: Appointment of guardians and / or conservators for incapacitated adults and minors
  • Mental Health: Involuntary treatment of persons suffering from mental illness and / or abusing drugs or alcohol
Permits & Licenses
The Probate Court also issues certain licenses and permits and performs certain administrative duties. Please visit the Licenses page to learn more.
Probate Courts in Georgia are courts of limited but exclusive jurisdiction over the:
  • Probate of wills and the administration of estates of deceased persons
  • Appointment of guardians of the person and property of incapacitated adults
  • Appointment of guardians of the property of minors
  • Appointment, in certain circumstances, of guardians of the person of minors
  • Commitment for involuntary treatment of persons addicted to drugs or alcohol and/or suffering from mental illness
Directions to the Court
  1. Coming from Atlanta, take I-20 West to Exit 24
  2. Turn west on Highway 61 to the downtown area
  3. The Courthouse is located on the left
  4. The Courthouse is located at the corner of Newnan Street and Dixie Street in downtown Carrollton