Below is a list of ordinance violations and the fines. The fines are per count. If you are charged with 2 counts of any violations, you would need to multiply the fine times 2 adding a court cost of $36 to know your total fine amount. If there are multiple counts, there will also be multiple fines. Each count carries separate fines.

Payment Date

Some fines may be paid before the court date unless otherwise stated by the county officer that issued the citation.
  1. Animal Control Violations
  2. County Code Violations

Animal Control Violations

Violation Type
No Kennel Permit
$250 plus $36
Failure to Restrain
No Proof of Rabies Vaccination
Vicious Animal
Cruelty to Animals
Loose Livestock
Unsanitary Conditions
Nuisance (Barking)
Nuisance Animal Attack (Animal/Animal)
Nuisance Animal Attack (Animal/Human)
Abandonment $250
No Vet Care
Interference $250
Failure to Comply
Failure to Dispose of Dead Animal
Livestock Residential

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