Warrant Application

Any citizen may make an application for a warrant after the event has been reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. There are certain requirements needed prior to filing:
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older or the parent or guardian must file on his/her behalf.
  • The person against whom the warrant is being requested must be 17 years old or older.
  • The alleged crime must have taken place in Carroll County.
  • The applicant must provide an incident report from local law enforcement agency which gives statements pertaining to the alleged crime. No application will be accepted without a report.
  • A complete mailing address for the person of whom you are requesting a warrant is required.
  • The applicant must swear before the Clerk of Court that the facts given on the application are the truth.
  • A $20 application fee must be paid. If the alleged offense falls under the family violence act or if the applicant is a pauper as defined by law, there is no fee.

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