Occupational Tax (Business License)

The deadline for renewing occupational tax is December 31 of every year.  There is a grace period until April 15.

You may now apply for or renew your occupational tax certificate by clicking the link below.  If this is a renewal, you will need your access code which you may obtain by calling our office.  Here is the link if you wish to renew online:

Online Permit and License Portal

You must also complete and upload a copy of your gross receipts from your tax return (typically Schedule C) and also complete the form below which may be uploaded at the link above.

Application to Renew Occupational Tax

The Occupational Tax/Alcohol License Division of Community Development is responsible for issuing alcohol licenses and occupational tax certificates. Please notify this office if you have an ownership change or a location change.  

Every business in the County must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate and renew it annually. Annual licenses expire on December 31 of each year. Unless specifically exempt under state law, occupational tax is required for anyone who:

1.  Maintains a business location within Carroll County, or

2.  Solicits business within Carroll County (personally or through agents) or

3.  Picks up or delivers goods or services within Carroll County.

Separate occupational taxes are required if there is more than one type of business. The home occupation ordinance also applies if a business is located in your home and the same application is completed for an in-home business.  




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