Ordinances & Applications

  1. Alcohol Business Licenses

    View the Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance and download an application to apply for a Business License.

  2. Business Licenses

    Check out Business License applications and ordinance information for Carroll County.

  3. Corridor Development

    Find the Conditional Use Permit Application for any corridor development in Carroll County.

  4. Environmental Applications

    Locate environmental applications and view applicable ordinances regarding environmental in Carroll County.

  5. Family Burial Applications

    Access the application for family burials in Carroll County and contact the Zoning Administrator regarding any questions or concerns.

  6. Innovative Development

    Check out the Innovative Development Plan Ordinance and learn about the application process for a Conditional Use Permit.

  7. Manufactured Homes

    Learn about the Manufactured Home Ordinance and download applications necessary to apply building a manufactured home.

  8. Signs

    Review sign ordinances and check out application information for signage in Carroll County.

  9. Special Tax Districts

    View Special Tax District Ordinance and application information for Carroll County.

  10. Subdivisions

    Access ordinance and application information regarding subdivisions in Carroll County.

  11. Temporary Outdoor Displays

    View ordinance and application information regarding temporary outdoor displays within Carroll County.

  12. Timber Applications

    Check out information on timber harvesting in Carroll County and find out how to obtain a permit.

  13. Zoning Ordinances and Applications

    Access zoning ordinance, zoning map and to file for rezoning, conditional use, and variance permits within Carroll County.