Disaster-Management cycle

Minimizing Damage

Mitigation refers to those activities which may reduce the occurrence of an emergency or the effects of a natural or man-made disaster. Large amounts of damage can be prevented if the time is taken to anticipate and plan for these events. The impact of a disaster can be lessened as well as the speed of the response and recovery processes if planning is completed.

Mitigation Activities

  • Building codes
  • Dams
  • Inspections
  • Land use management
  • Legislation
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 
  • Risk mapping
  • Structural changes

Hazard Mitigation Plan 

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The Hazard Mitigation Plan has been approved by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency and adopted by Carroll County and its municipalities. 
Hazard Mitigation Plan Appendix

Appendix A Resolutions from Carroll County and Cities
Appendix B Public Participation Strategy
Appendix C Critical Facilities List 
Appendix D Hazard Risk Analyses:  Supplement to the Carroll County Joint Hazard Mitigation Plan
Appendix E County Economic Report 

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